Reaction about the Final Exam

I was actually relieved that the examination is open-ended. Given the numerous requirements this trimester, I was happy that I do not have to re-read the entire module. I just have to pick a topic that really captured my attention and then explain it. This is advantageous because I can say a lot of things about the topics that I really enjoyed learning and what I deemed to be the most important.

Further, I personally think this type of examination maximizes students’ creativity. By allowing us to choose the type of presentation that we will use, we can use an unlimited number of methods to show the extent of our understanding of the topics that we have chosen. I’m sure that the teacher will be surprised of the variety of outputs that will be submitted.

Furthermore, I also like this type of examination over the traditional one. I think I will remember what I wrote here compared to the traditional examination where I memorize and try to understand a lot of information.

Looking from a different point of view, one suggestion though, an open-ended
exam is good for mature and experienced students, but I am not sure with younger students. Young students (e.g. those who just graduated high school and taking BES) had been answering specific questions in school all their lives, so this might be a surprise for them. I am sure that they have been answering open-ended questions but not as open as this final exam. Putting guide questions in the final exam will likely help them decide what to pursue and how to do it.

To summarize, personally, this type of examination reinforced and strengthened my knowledge about the course by letting me synthesize my learning.

Thank you!

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