The Changes in My Beliefs About Intelligence

by Guillermo Bautista Jr. 

My strength in terms of intelligence is logical-mathematical under Gardner’s multiple intelligence. When I was young and naïve, I did not really consider non-logical, non-scientific, and non-mathematical fields as a challenge and did not consider people who chose those fields intelligent. Please don’t hate me.

I first encountered Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence during my undergraduate studies. I was not convinced by it. It was only in my recent readings that I have accepted that there are other forms of intelligence. In addition, my readings about savants who are very good at one thing and totally useless in other things have also persuaded me that there are different types of intelligence. In fact, I have moved a step further. I am now convinced that intelligence is the ability to combine different types of intelligence to adapt to any environment. Intelligent people are those who can easily adapt to new environment and learn new skills in the shortest possible time.


Emotional intelligence is also quite interesting. We see people who are very relaxed and cool under extreme pressure. There people who panic in the littlest of problems. And there are people who can manipulate other people by tapping into their emotions.

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